The RX ES-CAN-HL receiver is enclosed in a rugged and impact resistant HS-1 enclosure. It is software configurable, offering a selection of CAN bus communication protocols such as CANopen, CANOpen Safety, SAE J1939, Parker IQAN and Generic CAN on two independent CAN buses. Apart from the analog/digital inputs and outputs, LED Feedback, and other settings configurable through software, the RX ES-CAN-HL provides the following onboard features: two (2) monitored safety rated Main Contact relays, two (2) independent CAN interfaces running different protocols simultaneously, two (2) radio frequency ports, two (2) switching relay digital outputs, four (4) digital outputs, four (4) analog inputs and RS232 control cable interface. Six (6) additional programmable digital I/O’s can be added using an optional I/O expansion module. The receiver comes with either a quick connect/disconnect 30 pol. connection or with cable gland entry and easy access to the onboard connectors. Typical operating voltage range is 12VDC – 24VDC.

  • Weight

    740gr (1.6 lbs)

  • Dimensions

    H: 131mm (5.2″)

    W: 165mm (6.5″)

    D: 65mm (2.6″)

  • Frequencies

    4xxMHz, 8xxMHz, 9xxMHz, 1.2GHz and 2.4GHz

  • IP Rating

  • Operating Temperature Range

    -20o C to +70o C

    (-4o F to +158o F)

  • H-Link Configurable