Brief History

  • Present
    Hetronic continues to meet its commitments to industrial process control equipment operators through technology advancements in hardware and software as well as expand into new markets around the world. New wireless Radio Remote Control solutions have and are being introduced into new markets. These include Drones, UAV’S & UGV’S, Railway (Remote Control Locomotive), Marine, Military and Mobile Hydraulics. In addition, Hetronic has expanded its design capability and is integrating innovative RF, Display, Video Feedback and Sensor technologies into our products to meet safety and performance requirements of our customers. Our continuous improvement of manufacturing processes has led to faster turn-around of PO to shipment and improved our already world-class capabilities.

  • 2019
    Launch of the innovative and highly ergonomic ERGO S handheld transmitter with full color TFT screen and optional mini joystick.

  • 2018
    Ex battery ambient temperature range extended to -30oC to +60o C

  • 2017
    Hetronic continued its global expansion and opens another manufacturing plant in Monterrey, Mexico.

  • 2015
    Hetronic has further expanded its worldwide presence with the opening of the manufacturing plant in Samaya, Egypt.

  • 2010
    Hetronic Ex safety radio remote controls get approved according to IECEx standards.

  • 2009
    Hetronic adds the UL/CSA certification for Ex safety radio remote controls.

  • 2008
    Hetronic International Inc. was acquired by Methode Electronics Inc. (NYSE: MEI) a global electronics innovator. Since the acquisition, Hetronic has further expanded its worldwide presence and our service and support organization is present in over 50 countries.

  • 2007
    Hetronic celebrates its 25th anniversary milestone.

  • 2002
    Hetronic resumed with its global expansion and continued to expand internationally incorporating both Hetronic Canada and Hetronic Asia.

  • 2001
    The turn of the century saw significant growth and new developments for Hetronic. As Hetronic entered new markets, the product lines expanded and introduced new transmitter and receiver families such as the NOVA, POCKET and MFSHL series.

  • 2000
    Hetronic International incorporated in Oklahoma City, USA.

  • 1999
    By the end of the century Hetronic identified new emerging market applications and continued to expand internationally and incorporated in Malta, Ecuador, Japan and Australia.

  • 1994
    Hetronic receives PTB approval for Explosion-Proof Ex radio remote controls.

  • 1993
    Hetronic USA incorporated in Oklahoma City, USA and became Hetronic International Headquarters in the same year.

  • 1992
    Hetronic Steuersysteme became ISO 9001 certified, produced its 25,000th Radio Remote Control and by the end of the decade, Hetronic’s production capacity exceeded 20,000 systems per year.

  • 1991
    During the early 1990’s, Hetronic Steuersysteme released the TG, HH, ERGO, NOVA and GL Transmitters and introduced standard systems for tower cranes.

  • 1988
    Heckl Electronic became Hetronic Steuersysteme GmbH and introduced the GL transmitter with SMD technology and received TÜV Safety approval.

  • 1982
    Hetronic was established as Heckl Electronics and in the same year produced its first radio remote, the GR.