The RX MLC-HL proportional/digital receiver offers a step up in functional capability from the standard RX BMS-HL. Enclosed in a compact and impact resistant HS-2 enclosure, the fully configurable and highly versatile RX MLC-HL receiver offers a combination of proportional/digital outputs and has an integrated fully programmable and user-friendly GUI. RX MLC-HL proportional outputs may be configured to either PWM or VC or a combination of both. RX MLC-HL offers one (1) Main Contact relay, optional dual E-Stop relay module with feedback monitoring, eight (8) bi-directional PWM/VC outputs, twelve (12) switching relay digital outputs, sixteen (16) expandable to thirty-two (32) digital/analog inputs, various digital/analog/LED outputs, two (2) CAN Bus interface ports, two (2) RF ports, SD card slot for data logging and RS232 control cable interface. The RX MLC-HL comes with a quick connect/disconnect 70 pol. connection and provides LED diagnostics for power/operation, transmission signal reception and main contact error. Typical operating voltage range is 12VDC – 24VDC.

  • Weight

    1500gr (3.3 lbs)

  • Dimensions

    H: 205mm (8.1″)

    W: 246mm (9.7″)

    D: 90mm (3.5″)

  • Frequencies

    4xxMHz, 8xxMHz, 9xxMHz, 1.2GHz and 2.4GHz

  • IP Rating

  • Operating Temperature Range

    -20oC to +70o C

    (-4o F to +158o F)

  • H-Link Configurable