Lightweight and portable, the RX MFSHL CAN 2.4GHZ offer the simplicity and convenience of quick connect/disconnect. Main features include two (2) Main Contact relays, up to two (2) CAN Bus ports, two (2) switching relay digital outputs, four (4) solid state digital outputs, four (4) analog inputs and an optional fused 5VDC supply output. The RX MFSHL CAN 2.4GHZ also provides LED diagnostics for power/operation, transmission reception, main contact, CAN status and error. Typical operating voltage range is 12VDC – 24VDC.

  • Weight

    370gr (0.8 lbs)

  • Dimensions

    H: 140mm (5.5″)

    W: 125mm (4.9″)

    D: 44mm (1.7″)

  • Frequencies


  • IP Rating

  • Operating Temperature Range

    -20o C to +70o C

    (-4o F to +158o F)

  • H-Link Configurable