The cutting-edge NOVA XXL 4.3 becomes the flag-ship of the field proven new generation NOVA Series Radio Remote Control transmitters. The NOVA XXL 4.3 offers the latest machine-to-man interface technology with customizable GUI on a 4.3” Color TFT LED back-lit, sunlight readable display. The 4.3” TFT Color display is available for real-time data access and process feedback as well as wireless real-time video capability. Standard features include status LED and easy to access Push/Turn to release STOP switch. The NOVA XXL 4.3 is designed to provide room for up to 16 proportional functions. Customer options include single axis proportional paddle levers, digital/proportional dual/triple-axis joysticks, while it provides ample space for a combination of controls such as toggle switches, push button switches, rotary switches and potentiometers. Additional customer options include Touch Screen, cable backup, internal adjustable tilt sensor and leading edge proximity TouchSensor™ embedded in both handles that provide an enhanced “man-down” safety feature. NOVA XXL 4.3 is powered with one (1) Hetronic 3.7V Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

  • Weight

    2700gr (5.9 lbs)

    Typical – Depending on configuration

  • Dimensions

    H: 185mm (7.3″)

    W: 370mm (14.6″)

    D: 240mm (9.4″)

  • Frequencies





  • IP Rating

    Min IP65

  • Operating Temperature Range

    -20oC to +70o C

    (-4o F to +158o F)

  • H-Link Configurable